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united Arab Emirates

We up-cycle vintage bicycle frames to promote sustainability and a clean environment while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Shop for a selection of bikes or create your custom made look by visiting us on Proudly made in Dubai, UAE.


Custom bicycles for city riding, built in Dubai, UAE. Up-cycled from Japanese vintage cycles that could be customized to your liking. 


Our Charicycles are made of forgotten vintage bicycle frames that just need a little bit of love. We add that and make them beautifully functional again, like brand new.


Your bicycle is an extension of your character. If none of our designs express your character, design your own dream Charicycle by visiting the 'Customize It' tab. 

Made in Dubai

Although our Charicycle frames hail from Japan, they are re-born in Dubai. Dubai is our hub from design to up-cycling and customization.  


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Giving Back Freedom

Remember when you started riding a bicycle? Pushing that pedal and feeling invincible as you floated through your neighborhood with the wind softly brushing your cheeks.  And while your destination might have changed each time, the journey always had one thing in common: Freedom. And because every child deserves that feeling, we at Charicycles, promise that every bicycle we sell contributes directly to funding bicycles for children in  refugee camps. Giving them access to your bicycle journey's common denominator.


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